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There are many ways to travel - I've tried many, but found sailing cruises to be the most intriguing ones: Being able to visit many different, sometimes otherwise hard to reach places in a very short timeframe while enjoying the luxury on board.

Sailing aboard the Royal & Star Clipper

WIth a length of 439 feet, mast height of 197 feet and 42 sails, the Royal Clipper is one of the largest sailing ships today. Compared to ocean liners, "large" is relative: The Royal Clipper carries a maximum of 227 guests on board. Having experienced cruises on the Sea Cloud I, the Star Clipper and the Royal Clipper, I personally prefer smaller ships like the Star Clipper, which only carries 170 guests.

Star Clipper

You can find additional photos of the Star Clipper on my Flickr Page.

Royal Clipper

You can find additional photos of the Royal Clipper on my Flickr Page.

Map showing the cruises onboard the Royal Clipper and Star Clipper I've done so far.

Learn more about the trips I've taken:

Star Clipper - Ligurian Route

Star Clipper: Ligurian Route

Cannes - Saint Florent - Bastia - Portovenere/Cinque Terre - Portofino - Monaco - Saint-Tropez

Star Clipper: Eastern Mediterranean Route

Venice - Losinj - Hvar - Dubrovnik - Kotor - Corfu - Yithion - Santorini - Mykonos - Athens

Star Clipper: Sicily & Amalfi coast

Rome/Civitavecchia - Ponza - Sorrento - Capri - Amalfi - Taormina - Stromboli - Civitavecchia/Rome

Star Clipper: Lisbon to Monaco Route

Lisbon - Tanger - Motril - Ibiza - Mallorca - Saint-Tropez